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Benjamin Still Family
This family tree was last updated on April 6, 2014.
Total surnames322
Media objects141
Total events1,463
Total users10
Earliest birth year1741John Still
Birth about 1741 - Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA
Death October 1798 (Age 57) - Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina, USA
Latest birth year2012This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1797Dorcas Still
Birth before 1771 30 29 -
Death before September 26, 1797 (Age 26) -
Latest death year2013 Dorothy Dean Still
Birth January 28, 1928 36 35 - Walton, Georgia, USA
Death August 8, 2013 (Age 85) Age: 85 - Loganville, Walton, Georgia, USA
Person who lived the longest100Sally J Still
Birth January 8, 1899 48 23 - Bold Springs, Walton, Georgia, USA
Death May 21, 1999 (Age 100) - Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Georgia, USA
Average age at death64Males: 62   Females: 66
Family with the most children12William W. Brand + Sarah Bryant
Marriage August 16, 1781 - Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA
Average number of children per family1.68 
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